Merlot 5 Motive

An old wine, which, once released in the glass, lets us discover an intense ruby color, obtained during the time poured out with such greatness.

A wine that compels reverence, without explicitly asking for it. Merlot is complex, but pleasant to accompany, it has flexible depths that reveal its power of penetration, just like a young aristocrat, still rebellious, but with good education.

A true treasure, this wine exudes the aroma and accumulations of well-ripened grapes, picked at full maturity.

The aroma of blackberries combines in perfect harmony with that of vanilla and fruits such as blackcurrants, raspberries or plums. The result is a special wine, structured and with good acidity.

Wine with a gorgeous color, garnet red, with a nose composed of mixed aromas of rosemary and fruit.

A grated bouquet that combines the velvety aroma of raspberries, blueberries and wild blackberries.

In complete harmony with its intense taste of ripe plums, berries and bitter cherries, with somewhat softer but well-defined tannins, the wine is velvety, has consistency, and the aroma lingers for a long time.

Let yourself be seduced by the distinct aroma of red fruits, blackberries, well-ripened cherries, cinnamon, raspberries and blueberries. You will immediately feel an olfactory revival that will free you from worries.

It is ideally served with beef tenderloin cooked rare or medium-rare with mustard sauce or with pork ribs in barbeque sauce.

Being a red wine with less tannins, it can be wonderfully combined with lamb, pork, chicken, turkey dishes, representing a very good choice and with pasta alla Bolognese or matured cheeses.

For a full taste experience, we recommend serving the wine at a temperature of 12 – 16°C, with an hour’s prior aeration.

Country of Origin: Romania
Type: resign
Region: D.O.C. Mehedinti-Vinju Mare
Color: Red
Serving temperature: 12 – 16 degrees Celsius
Quantity: 0.75 Litres
Alcohol: 13.77%
Grape type: Merlot
Appearance: Garnet red
Smell: Red fruits, blackberries, ripe cherries, cinnamon, raspberries and blueberries Taste: The intense taste of ripe plums, berries and bitter cherries.