The technology

the Technology


From the press, the extracted must is transferred to stainless steel tanks, oak barrels (white wine) where it is inoculated with selected yeasts whose role is to transform the must into wine and also to extract during fermentation special aromas specific to each grape variety. Fermentation takes place at low temperatures under strict temperature control and lasts approximately 20-30 days.


The carefully selected grapes arrive from the sorting table in the vat of the destemming – crusher, then with the help of a pump the must is transferred to the fermentation vats (stainless steel tanks or oak barrels).

Fermentation includes three stages:

Cold maceration: 10-12 days at temperatures of 8-10 °C – to extract the color and aroma specific to the variety;

Alcoholic fermentation: 10-15 days at 22-27 °C – the transformation of sugars from grapes into alcohol.
After the completion of the alcoholic fermentation, the wine is transferred to another stainless steel tank or oak barrels for malolactic fermentation.

After the completion of the malolactic fermentation, the wines are evaluated and selected according to several criteria to make a decision about the next step, the aging in oak barrels from 12 to 36 months.

The end of the aging comes with a final tasting aimed at creating the final blends.

Next comes bottling and maturing in the bottle, labeling and bringing this wine as close as possible to you to delight the taste buds of all wine lovers.