Romanian Frankincense 2l

A wine obtained from grapes with controlled designation of origin Vinju Mare-Mehedinti, where the most appropriate winemaking methods are applied, which at the production level results in obtaining the most pleasant notes for tasting.

The richness of flavors is found in the skin of the grains and that’s why to extract it we do a maceration on the bostina for 24 hours, followed by a slow fermentation for 30 days. The golden hues of this wine are due to the excellent variety of grapes, which we kept a higher concentration of sugar by stopping the fermentation with a new filtration process.

The wine surprises with the explosion of floral aromas and the mix of fresh fruits that stand out in turn, as it is enjoyed.

We recommend serving at a temperature of 8-12 degrees Celsius.

This wine can be chilled or drunk immediately, tasted alone or in the company of delicate pastries or fine cheeses.

Country of Origin: Romania
Type: Demisec
Region: D.O.C. Mehedinti-Vinju Mare
White color
Serving temperature: 8 – 12 degrees Celsius
Quantity: 2 Litres
Alcohol: 12.80%
Grape type: Romanian Frankincense
Appearance: Golden yellow
Smell: Ripe fruits, lemon, basil
Taste: Overripe yellow fruits, acacia flowers, peach, honeycomb, green walnuts